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Welcome to Vibe Monster

Suppliers of a truly excellent range of miniature, portable Bluetooth and Vibration Speakers to enhance your listening pleasure                                                                                                                 

What exactly is a Vibration Speaker?

Using vibration resonance, a vibration speaker transforms any solid surface it’s placed on, into a full spectrum, 360 degree speaker, delivering either 10 watts (Vibe Monster) or 5 watts (Vibe Monster Mini) of sound, with heavy bass.

Whether you are using it on a desk, table, cupboard or window (with the optional suction stand) or maybe just a cardboard box, simply placing a vibration speaker on any type of flat surface will bring your music alive with a magnificently different sound each time.

How do Bluetooth Speakers work?

A Bluetooth speaker connects  wirelessly to a mobile phone, laptop or any other Bluetooth enabled audio device, making them totally portable. Just slip them into a pocket, purse or suitcase and away you go !

There are 4 different products in the range:

Vibe Monster and Vibe Monster Mini are both VIBRATION SPEAKERS    

Vibe Monster and Vibe Monster Palm are both BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS

Vibe Monster Cube are STANDARD SPEAKERS which connect to your PC or laptop to give a better sound than the PC’s built-in speaker

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